Our experiences connect us.

I’m Lyle, and I am an Experience Designer and Front End Engineer.

Every connection is a new opportunity.

An oportunity to have a new relationship,
or keep an old one.

I can help you connect with your users.

Focus on who’s important, and nothing else.

Helping you communicate is my passion.

My name is Lyle Rohr, and I am an Experience Designer and Front End Developer.

Over the past 12 years, I have honed my skills through experience in advertising agencies and a startup here and there, mainly focusing on communication strategy and user experience design. I've worked with some of the brightest minds to bring experiences to life for some of the biggest brands.

Here are a couple of ways to get to know me, but the best is to get in touch.

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These are my specialties.

My expertise spans the gap between concept and execution. I thrive as a big thinker, but my sleeves are already rolled up so we can get down to business.

Experience Design

All we create is designed to be used by a person, your grandmother, a potential customer, your clients. Creating experiences is more than happenstance when designed with someone in mind. It's not just a mobile app, it's a real part of their life.

Concept Creation

Whether you need a 30 day promotion, or an enterprise-level intranet, it all starts with a need. Ideas are never born fully formed. The best ideas are honed by a group of like-minded individuals over time. I help bring ideas to the table aimed at achieving your goals.

Visualizing Ideas

Ushering a concept into reality often takes some explanation, some convincing, and a way to help visualize what it could be. Taking a concept from idea to reality is one of my specialties.

Flows, Wireframes, and Prototypes

From tiny projects to massive ones, sketches, user flows, wireframes, and prototypes provide a more precise view of what your experience should be, and maybe more importantly, what it shouldn't be.

User Interface Design (UI)

Wireframes are the bones of an experience, but user interface design is what makes it really come to life. Colors and shapes fill our eyes with emotion which help our users connect with your brand.

Front-End Engineering

HTML, CSS3, and JavaScript are the language of the web these days. Not only can I develop your new app, having a firm grasp on how the online world works helps keep the ideation process grounded, budgets on track, and experiences as great as they can be.

Here are some of the clients I've been lucky enough to work with.


A selection of my work that I’m most proud of.

Founder | Product Design | Marketing Strategy



Cannabinder is an app that makes it incredibly to find the cannbis experience you are looking for, online and in store. The Cannastamp™ is our proprietary label that shows cannabis consumers what is in the package before they try it. This way they can easily understand the effects it might have on them, reducing the risk for poor experiences, or worse, bad medicine.

As the CMO of Cannabinder, I am in charge of marketing, product, and pricing strategy. With our recent release of Cannabinder beta 1.1.0, the new design and messaging helps our users to understand Cannabinder's value proposition much more effectively.

Client: Cannabinder

Full Stack Development | UX/UI Design



One of my long time clients, Tahoe Partners needed a full refresh of their corporate website.

Tahoe Partners asked me to create a new design and develop the site using a Content Management System, Drupal 8.

Client: Tahoe Partners

Agency: SSXD, Inc.

Service: UX/UI Design, Web Development, Drupal 8 Theming

Full Stack Development | UX/UI Design



Ricondo is a full service aviation consultancy with a global portfolio. When they came to us looking for a new website, we worked with them to create a clean, modern design that truly reflects their brand values.

We worked with the Ricondo stakeholders to understand their brand values and functional needs and proceeded to create a new design that they loved. Once the design was finalized, we proceeded to develop a website using Drupal 8 as their CMS.

Client: Ricondo

Agency: SSXD, Inc.

Service: UX/UI Design, Web Development, Drupal 8 Theming

Mobile UX

T-Mobile Tuesdays


The T-Mobile Tuesdays program is a sincere customer appreciation app with some serious, Un-Carrier style giveaways.

Some of the mechanisms of the app are complex and new to users. It was my job to help keep the experience intuitive and engaging.

Client: T-Mobile

Agency: The Marketing Store

Service: User Experience Design

UI/UX Design

Universal Forest Products


Universal Forest Products, Inc. was looking to reinvent their online image with a forward-thinking design that would translate gracefully from smaller to larger screens.

My goal with UFP was to create a real personality that users could sense while still keeping a professional, corporate feel. Utilizing UFP's existing branding and incorporating modern design principles, we were able to achieve a sleek look and feel which handles large and small screens gracefully.

Client: Universal Forest Products, Inc.

Agency: SSXD, Inc.

Service: User Interface Design, User Experience Design

Digital Strategy, UX Design

Arteasan Teas


Arteasan Teas is a startup bottled drink brand based out of New York City. It's main competitor is Bai5, another ready-to-drink bottled drink.

For this project, my role was primarily UX and digital strategy. I created the basic online strategy as well as the wireframes for the responsive web site.

Client: Arteasan

Agency: The Marketing Store

Service: Digital Strategy, User Experience Design